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Roxborough SON 2015


Hi Everyone! I have recently decided to go to RMH SON I start August 3 2015. I'm just wondering if anyone else on here is going? It would be nice to know some classmates before starting. :geek: ~Megan


I'm excited to see there is someone else on here that's starting fall 2015. I can't wait!!!

I can't wait either! I'm glad I'm choosing RMH they've been so helpful too!

Hii!! I was just recently accepted a couple of weeks ago!!! I'm super excited!!! I can't wait to meet everyone at orientation!!

Congratulations!!! I'm Megan btw it'll be so nice to know other people!

Do all you ladies have Health insurance I have an associate that is not working and she is in need of some for school

I have health insurance but through my company I work for.

The school might be able to help though.

What company is that if you don't mind me asking

I work for holy redeemer hospital

Hi! I am also going to start the nursing program in August as well! I am super excited and I agree it would be nice to know someone before starting. My name is Yelena but I go by Lena, I am 24 and from NJ. Hope to hear back from ya!

Hi Lena!! I'm Jada and I'm from Southern Nj. I'm really excited and hope to see you all at orientation. It will be here soon!!! Ttyl

Hi Jada! I'm from southern nj too actually. I live in collingswood. Yes orientation will be here sooner then we know! Can't wait to meet everyone!

Hi everyone! I take my test next week so hopefully I will be joining all of you! Do we have to already have the background check and drug test completed before hand? Or will they have us do it at orientation!? Also does anyone know the date of orientation? Thanks!

Hi Amber, did you get you acceptance letter yet? Bridgid sends out all the information in you acceptance letter. I've already done my background checks and paid the $875 in fees and all the dates for orientation come in your letter. But I think the first orientation is june 18th then there is more like the A&P review and more orientation.

You girls are dedicated coming from south jersey! Lol I thought driving from NE philly was a long drive! Congratulations to everyone! See you at orientation!

Hi Megan! I take my test this week so hopefully everything goes well.