Roswell, eastern new mexico medical centre


I have been offered employment in Roswell, eastern new mexico medical centre. Since its going to be my first time in America, i would like to know more about the place and the hospital. Is itr any good? Is Roswell a city? Any info would be appreciated.

NM Kat

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I know many people at ENMMC, they are great. I'd guess their average daily census runs around 80-100, it is full service, for profit. But seems to run well. Roswell has a thing about aliens, since 50 years ago someone claimed seeing a space ship fall out of the sky. Every year they have a celebration. It is a nice town, people who live there seem to really like it. I'd guess it is about 30,000 in census.

Good luck there!!! I hope you enjoy it. People are friendly there, I'm sure you'll make friends quickly.


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