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Roseman University ABSN October 2017 South Jordan, Utah

by mikeross916 mikeross916 (New) New

I was just accepted into the ABSN October cohort at the South Jordan campus and am looking to reach out to anyone in my cohort. This is a general discussion board for anything from housing to questions about upcoming dates and events. I look forward to meeting everyone in the program! Good luck to those still waiting to hear back!

Hi Mike, I'm planning on October as well. It will be good to meet you and any others that post here! I was accepted for this past July, but deferred until October and was fortunately, accepted again.

What are you looking to do after ABSN? After the ABSN, I'm looking to make my way to ICU experience and then eventually, CRNA school, but maybe NP school...I'll see. I have a question for you and anyone of our cohort. What is the status on pass or fail or actual grades for our class? I seem to hear two different things from the past.