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ROHO Cushion Criteria

Does anyone know of a ROHO cushion criteria. Therapists on my ward seem to over prescribe them. I dont think allot of the pateints need them as they are up and walking around. When I ask them if the patient needs them they just insist and dont want to budge. I have asked them and they all have different ideas about it. Frustrating Waste that happens on a rehab ward sometimes.

Hope it is not too late to reply but I am new to rehab nursing but my understanding of a Roho cushion is mainly for patients who are high risk for skin breaks or already had a pressure ulcer.


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emeyway is correct in that respect, but it could also be the standard by which the facility operates.

This is a specialty cushion, it may be affecting FIMS etc or MDS depending on the setting you are working in.

I know it offsets a few things for the MDS where I am, that we can show in the paperwork we are providing a "specialty mattress" or pressure relieving device for w/c and bed.

This adds up to breakdown preventive measures and could be avoiding F-Tags in LTC settings. I am unsure of the coding for Short Term.


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