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I recently passed the NCLEX (4/25/18), and it's come to my attention I may need to drop my "extra job" now that I'm working as a nurse. During school I started doing Care.com things to supplement income. I have a patient that I'm functioning as a PCA for. However, now that I'm an RN the job is becoming less and less like something I want to do. Mostly bc it financially doesn't make sense. Also, another nurse friend mentioned in MN you can't work under your scope once you've obtained your RN. I've googled and I can't find anything specific to this. Does anyone know if this is true?


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You are always held to the standard of your highest license.


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You should clarify this with your Board.


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I did send an email but I haven't heard back!


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Keep a copy of their answer, should you ever receive one. It never hurts to have written documentation of things.

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Meanmaryjean is right.