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RN TO BSN Program Recent ADN grad


Hello fellow nurses!

I just completed my LPN TO RN program and with the covid crisis I haven’t been able to sit for my NCLEX-RN. Other than UTA are there any other schools that anyone’s familiar with that allows student that have completed their ADN program to enroll in a RN TO BSN Program provisionally without having RN license? UTA will allow me to enroll but I must have my RN license prior to beginning NUR courses. Which is totally fine I’m just wondering if any other institutions offer the same acceptance I’m looking for affordability since I’ll be paying for my program out of pocket. I went immediately back once obtaining my LPN Diploma worked as a LPN while in my LPN TO RN Bridge program. I started my RN program 3 months immediately after. I'm wanting to continue by starting my BSN program immediately. Taking breaks would lead to me getting comfortable and taking longer to get to my ultimate goal of becoming a NP. Thanks I’m advance! Appreciate positive responses