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RN Since 2014 Needs First Job

Nurse Beth   (300 Views 2 Comments)
by Nurse Beth Nurse Beth, MSN (Advice Column) Writer Innovator Expert

Nurse Beth has 30 years experience as a MSN and works as a Nursing Professional Development Specialist.

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Dear Nurse Beth,

 I became RN last 2014 and due to some personal issues and financial issues here in our country i'll not be able to continue my nursing career or look for a nursing job, I decided to work in a different industry and it's completely different field. Now i quit my job and will start to look for a hospital because i want to pursue my dreams. Would you think there's still some hospital who will accept someone like me ? Thank you so much.

Dear 2014 RN,

You will not be eligible for most new grad residencies even though you have no experience, because they are offered to RNs who graduated no more than a year ago.

Take a nursing refresher course to update your skills. The course instructors and other students may be able to provide some hiring leads.

Consider working in subacute to get started. After a year or so, your chances of getting hired in acute will be much better. 

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth

Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!

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not.done.yet has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN and works as a Professional Development Specialist.

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I agree with Nurse Beth. At this point your nursing education is 5 years out of date and you are competing for jobs against new grads up on the latest and greatest.

Get a refresh course going to update your skills, then look to SNF, LTACH, and correctional health to get your foot in the door. Good luck!

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