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Hello. I just ended week 4 of orientation yesterday, with 3 12 hour shifts. I have this week to go, Tues, Thurs and Fri. I then start on Sunday with nights. I then come back Monday and return on Thursday and then I am off until Monday. I have never worked nights EVER. I am in need of advice to gear up for next Sunday. I have no small children, am in good shape, meal prep, work out and love routine. The last 4 weeks I have modified and the 12 hour days are OK. It is tough when it is two in a row, but doable. PLEASE ANYONE, tips, do and do nots, etc.. GO!!


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Night shift is hard for me, but I'm doing it. You have a few days to gradually shift your sleep schedule, so take advantage of that. Be prepared to be exhausted for your first shift, and then just tired for all your shifts after that.

Daytime sleeping means you need blackout curtains, maybe a white noise machine, and a means to keep your room cool/cold. Also try to eat before you sleep.

Good luck. Some people love NOC shift. I do not.

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Some people can adapt to nights and love it .  I think it is up to the individual. Keep on your night shift routine if you are doing any kind of  on/ off rotation. Make sure your phone is off.

 You will many threads here on AN regarding adaptation to nights.


 Good luck.



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I enjoyed working nightshift but my problem is that I can't sleep during the day. I know some people I work with on nights didn't eat at night and ate during the day before a nightshift. Don't get lazy: find a way to still get to the gym while on nightshift. Don't eat out of boredom (on nights). Make sure you have a quiet, dark room to sleep in during the day.