RN Relocating to Atlanta Area

by Kkoroschetz Kkoroschetz (New) New

Hi everyone, I need a little help My husband is being relocating from VA to Atlanta area so the job search has begun. I have no idea what I am doing, Atlanta is large with so many hospital systems. I am currently an RN in the Cardiothoracic Surgery PCU. I would like to maybe transition to Pediatrics, Burn ICU or Medical ICU. I previously worked as a tech in the ICUs and loved it. Any help would be greatly appreciated on where to apply and info about each hospital. I have only every worked in large university hospitals and would like to stay in a large hospital. If anyone has areas to live in (not expensive) my husband will be working By Sun Trust Park so hospitals and homes close to there. We would rather not have a long commute. Thanks in advance! Also I am a Clinical Nurse II so if you know the pay too it would be great! :)