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RN Refresher course in Los Angeles, CA

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Hello! I am looking for a good RN Refresher Course in LA, CA. 

A little background about me. I graduated 22 years ago in the Philippines. No nursing experience because I became an educator and pursued graduate studies in education. 

Fast forward to 2016, I migrated to the US, decided to give NCLEX a try. I passed in October of 2018. 

I applied at the hospital where I work for (county hospital), went for interviews (7 times), but no luck. I think it's my lack of nursing experience, plus, it has been ages since I graduated. 

I lost all my confidence as a nurse and I have been thinking of taking a refresher course to help me build it back up. 

Does anyone know any college or facility which offers a comprehensive RN refresher program with clinical rotation as well? I need the clinicals as well. I really want to start working as an RN now. 

Thank you for your help! 

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