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RN or RD? Please help me on my career path!

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Hi All,

After spending some time in the corporate world, I've come to realize that a career in the health field is much more up my alley. After quite a bit of research, I'm having difficulty discerning whether I want to be a nurse, or a registered dietitian. I've always been really into a healthy lifestyle (re: fitness and nutrition fanatic), but have heard that their are not as many job opportunities for RD's. Obviously there will be some bias towards nursing here, but could you please advise me as to the career style/day to day work of nurses in clinics/hospitals vs. an RD?

Also, as I graduated from university with a BA in Psychology, I would have to do quite a bit of schooling for either option (I don't have any chem, and not many bio pre reqs).

One more thing- if I were to become a nurse, is an ADN not as valued as a BSN, even if I have my bachelors, yet in a different area?

Thank you so much for your wisdom!

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Moved your post to general nursing discussion where it will get more traffic.

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