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Hi Guys,

Good morning. I am a recently licensed LPN looking for an RN program in NYC, either transition or plain RN. I live in the Bronx so ideally in the Bronx, Manhattan or even Westchester County (Mt. Vernon, Yonkers). I have already applied and been accepted to Montefiore, what used to be Dorothea Hopfer but because of work had to do the evening program which I have now discovered includes Saturdays. I am unavailable as most LPNs are on every Saturday. This has become a problem for me as I do not wanna leave my job or change schools, however, I am wondering if anyone knows of a reputable evening program which does not include Saturdays. I am aware this may make the program longer but I am trying to accomodate my schedule to allow me to continue working.

If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

Thank You!