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rn programs in Georgia

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hello.. I recently moved to the Atlanta area and am looking for an associates program in nursing while i work full time.. The only programs I have been able to find are around 4 hrs away.. Breneau offers a BSN part time program, however 1500/class is not affordable to me.. A community college or state school would be more affordable.. Any tips on where to look? I think I have exhausted all google searches..!

an2on, BSN, RN

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Clayton State University

Georgia Perimeter College

Georgia State University

Gordon College

Kennesaw State University


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West GA in Newnan, has a part time program I believe, I go to Gordon, and will be starting their RN program in January

Hi.. I called them today & yes they do a part time but it is not evening.. Thanks for your response & good luck..!

i know most rn programs dont allow you to work full time. most people take out student loans to help with the financial situations. univ. of West Ga. Newnan campus has a part time program that may help.