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RN from PH LVN route question

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Hello there!

I am a PH graduate applying for NCLEX-RN here in CA... with the well-known concurrency issue I am now considering LVN-route...

I have read a post which says if you go on LVN-route you go directly to LVN-RN bridge program to be an RN??? Please enlighten me..

If I will receive an update from CA-BON that I have to take for example OB class, can I take that OB class even I am an LVN?? given my degree and credentials (hoping its valid), I thought I can take the class then apply for NCLEX-RN again... or I really need to go to LVN-RN bridge program to be an RN, making the deficiency irrelevant??? If I choose the LVN route??

Im so confused... My plan is to be a LVN while I study my deficiency class...

Please help me decide and acquire additional information to better prepare... thanks

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