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RN nurse evaluators--anyone done this?

by EZsmom EZsmom (New) New

I am curious if anyone has ever heard of a company called Credentia? They are advertising that they need RN nurse evaluators for proctoring and overseeing nurse aide tests. You proctor written exams and evaluate skill exams. You are obligated to do one test a month but can do as many as you are offered. They advertise it as a way to earn extra money. I am wanting to stay home with my kiddos but thought this might be a good way to keep my license active. I received a contract today so I am reading over it carefully. It looks like I would be an independent contractor. Anyone have experience with this or something like this? What is it like? Is it legit? So far my research looks like it is a legit company but I can't find any reviews. Thanks for any info!

I know this is an old post. Did you work with them? Can you tell me a bit about the process? I may be interested. Thank you! :)