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RN to Midwife in Canada

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Just wondering if someone could give me some information on how to become an RN to Midwife in Canada. I currently have 3 years experience on L&D and would love to become a Midwife. I know there are Universities with Degree programs in Midwifery but can you do any courses long distance (as I am not close to any of these Universities)? I have also heard about PLEA and am not sure if I would qualify for this with my experience in L&D? Any information you could give me would be pretty helpful. Thanks!

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rn2bein08 works as a OB RN.

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I'm attending Frontier School of Midwifery for my masters. You travel to Kentucky for 4 days before you begin... go home and take online classes for a year to 18 months, return to Kentucky for 8 days of clinical exerience and then return home to complete all of your clinical hours. It is a great program and has definitely been the right choice for my busy schedule! Let me know if you have more questions!


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