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RN Jobs In Boise metro

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by Shelly0928 Shelly0928 (New Member) New Member

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Hello all.

I am an experienced RN, have recently moved to the Boise area, and am applying for RN positions on Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and the health system's websites. I moved from Atlanta Ga where things are decidedly more fast paced than here in Idaho. It could be that employers are more competitive in Atlanta so HR and recruitment departments jump on candidates more quickly, but here in Idaho... not so fast..

I have applied for 20 jobs in the last 10 days, have received 2 almost immediate auto reject emails, had 1 interview today at an SNF, one pending phone interview for St Al's for next week, and 2 emails from St Luke's saying my resume is "under review" for 2 positions.

I am anticipating a job offer to come from the sub-acute SNF, but would hesitate to take it right away.

I guess my question is for those in the area, what has been your experience with timely responses from the larger systems?

Good, bad and ugly with the larger systems??

Any tips?


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