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RN input need for project

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hi all,

i'm doing a little project for work. we have alot of new grads and travel nurses who come on through our facility. many of the travel rns are used to being able to do certain things in their home state, and don't realize the rules as to scope of practice may be different here. and the new grads just don't know any better. my question for you all is what do you see most commonly nursing practice wise done by new grads, travel rns, or those who just don't know that is outside of the nevada rn scope of practice? how about lpn scope of practice? and finally cna. i'll be using this info to present a regular seminar at work for new grads, travelers, and others who are interested. we want to help our staff protect their respective licenses as well as decrease facility liability.

thanks for your help!:D



coudet foley placement - apparently rns can do this in some states

sedation ivp and boluses- like diprivan - can't do this in any state that i am aware but alot of new grads think they can, especially in critical care areas where the physician just doesn't want to be at bedside to do it.

dermabond application - can be done in some states by rns but not here

lpn - no ivp unless specially certified

cna - urine dips,pregs (need special training per facility)

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Well, it appears you and your staff have been dealing with this over some time. If each of the "seasoned" staff made a small list of tasks that were not covered by the NV scope of practice for each of their respective ranks(RN, LVN, CNA), but encountered previously, you could get a unit/facility handout for the newbies. Being one myself (not in practice, but regarding scope/policies/procedures), I would opt to be more careful in my independent decision making and collaborate/ask. That handout could maybe be structured by most common diagnosis in your unit. Another source would be unit preceptors or clinical educators of the facility that may have encountered similar problems. And everyone was the new kid on the block once...... so thinking back.... may spring up a few ideas as well.... Hope this may lead to further leads:) Mieke

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