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RN Deligators and Med. Techs. in WA state

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I am new to assisted living. We use Medication Technicians to pass meds. I am the only nurse (RN BSN). Med. Tech.s are CNA who have been trained specifically to "administer" medication such as Insulin, and have been deligated to do so, by an RND (Registered Nurse Deligator).

I am planning on becoming an "Deligator", which WA state provides the training to RNs who chose to go through it.

So any comments are RNDs? or Med. Techs. Both of these are new to me.

gail RN BSN

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I did nursing delegation for adult family homes several years ago when I worked for a home care agency. There are things that can and can't be delegated - hopefully your employer will be able to let you know the tech's limitations. If not, it looks like DSHS has classes and information here:


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