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RN to BSN online programs California

by bfrancorn bfrancorn (New) New

I am looking for a good RN to BSN online program that will fit my busy schedule. I so far have been looking into UTA, WGA and Cal State San Marcos. I am in California and wanted to know how these programs are working for some current students. What are the clinical requirements, etc.

Any input would be great. Thanks :)


Has 1 years experience.

Did you find any info on anything? I'm enrolled in the San marcos program, but I am just on the first 3 classes. We are about 2 weeks in. Each week stands for 2 weeks of regular claass. The classes are 8 weeks. I'm still learning about the program.

Finding out more with UTA not so much about San Marcos at all! How are you liking the program? I talked to a recruiter and she so far has been the most helpful. What are the clinical requirements? Thanks for your reply!