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RN to BS or BSN advice - Albany and/or NYC ??

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by french01 french01 (New Member) New Member

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Hello! I have my A.S.N. and am looking for some B.S. or B.S.N. options.

Currently I live in Albany - but want to move to NYC again....

There are not many options here - and trying to get accepted in a NYC program is hard until I actually know when I am moving

I am wondering if NYC hospitals value an Excelsior degree -

or is it better to try to matriculate somewhere else....

Also -

I have heard getting a Bachelor in Science instead of Nursing may be a good option -

any thoughts on this!

Thank you!!!

I really need to get going since it seems I have to be working on my bachelors' in order to be considered at a lot of the NYC hospitals I am interested in..

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