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RN-BC 30 CE Requirement

by RNmomma3 RNmomma3 (New) New

I would like to take the exam for Professional Development in about a year. I'm currently a Nurse Instructor for a Developmental Center. I am having trouble fulfilling the 30 CE requirement. It says it must be in Professional development. I contacted the ANA and they had some classes, but it wasn't much to choose from and was very expensive, and I still wouldn't get 30 ceu's. For anyone who has passed this exam, what did you use? What type of courses? Do they specifically say Professional Development? Or would communication and similar course work as well? Thank you!


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I used CE's from nursece 4 less dot com (all 1 word and .com - not sure I can include the link here? I used them to renew my med-surg certification through ANCC and there are topics on Issues in Nursing, cultural competent care, ethica, and more that should all fall under the professional development category (in my own opinion). Is this cert through ANCC? If so they should offer more guidelines on topics? I know mine said anything that was relevant to my speciality so I did a variety.