I am a little confused on something. I just read a thread about someone who is an RN going for BSN. I thought that BSN is what you did in order to be an RN. Apparently I was mistaken.. so my question is-- What is BSN compared to RN?

P.S. 3rd semester student getting in my core classes. Don't want anyone thinking I'm in school for something I know nothing about.. :o)



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You can become an RN also by graduating from a AD program (associate's degree) which are typically in two year community type colleges..... RNs in the past had neither a BSN nor ADN, it was diploma - usually a hospital run program, don't think there are many left anymore. Talk to the nurses over 50 or so (?) and hear the tales about the days of their diploma education and literally living (boarding) at the hospitals.

What type of school are you in? When you graduate, you'll either be an associate degree or bachelor's degree (BSN) , and either way will have to pass boards to become an RN.

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