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RN in Alternative Health


Hello all,

I am a new grad (RN) and I wold like to practice in the area of alternative/ complementary /non-traditional medicine. In school we did not learn much about this area, or how to begin a career in this field. I would love to work for a clinic. How do I start? I have done research and have called clinics in my area but they only seem to hire Medical Assistants. I uncertain of what CE,certifications, or schooling is needed. What are some job titles for an RN in this field?

CrunchRN, ADN, RN

Specializes in Clinical Research, Outpt Women's Health. Has 25 years experience.

That is tough to find. Most of those types of practices just have a provider level person and "assistants". Don't want to pay RN's unless they are doing IVstuff that may or may not be acceptable RN practice.