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RMN looking to work in the US

dollye88 dollye88 (New) New

Hi, Im looking for advice. I am due to qualify as a registered mental health nurse in September. I have family who live in California and would absolutely love to live and work out there.

I understand I may have to sit further exams, but does anybody have any other advice on how to achieve this?

Thank you x

loriangel14, RN

Specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

What country are you in now? Nurses in the US are generalist trained. You need theory and clinical hours in adult, peds, ON/gyn and mental health nursing on your school transcript to get a nursing license in the US.

Silverdragon102, BSN

Has 32 years experience. Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

RMN indicates to me the UK and the UK training generally doesn't meet US requirements as U.K. Train specialist and the US Generalist so you will need hours in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and adult. California is also one of the hardest states for IENS to register in

yes I'm in the UK, Ive emailed the California Board of Registered Nursing for more info, just waiting to hear back!!


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