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Risk Management

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Are there any LTC Risk Managers on here?

I've been filling in for our facility. Right now I'm self-taught. I've skimmed our intranet and tried to pull up all info in the RM tab.

How are you tracking your events (incidents)? Do you have a program or spreadsheet?

There seems to be little info provided by our company.

Right now I've been reviewing the event report and any witness statements (hunting them down if they were not done), reviewing the nurse's notes, checking orders and care plans. With this, they have an analysis form. It asks for a description of what happened, the cause, the immediate action or intervention that was taken and then any follow-up actions.

Are there any resources for RM in LTC? Groups or organizations?

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We have portal that we enter falls /incidents into. We also have hand written forms too. IMO the big thing is to clarify witnessed vs unwitnessed fall. "Witness statement" forms should be differentiated from a "responder" statements. It bothers me as the nurse that I'm filling out a form called "witness statement" and filling in my name as the "witness" even though I did not witness the fall. I responded to it, and am happy to report the interventions we had in place to prevent falls, my response to the fall,my observation-how I found the resident, my immediate scan for injuries, assessment of him and the environment (wheels unlocked, outside bathroom, alarms in careplan Y/N , alarms on (Y/N) vitals, neuro check, interventions. And if I can get anything useful from the the residents explanation. Like, "I had to go to the bathroom after lunch so I wheeled back to my room but couldn't make it (incontinence? New?) in time (urgency?) so I was going to grab a fresh pair of pants from the closet and as I was *reaching (for pants, on the **top shelf* of closet) my chair slipped away and I fell (wheels not locked). for this, intervention would be to inspect wheelchair locks do they work or need to be tightened or loosened? educate/remind him to lock wheels (visual sign in the bathroom/ in room "lock wheels" or visual picture of wheels) etc and rearrange clothes / shelves if possible so that they can be reached from sitting position.

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