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Rifampin - discoloration

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by Silver_Rik Silver_Rik (Member)

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Yours truly got a positive Quantiferon on my annual TB test.  Chest x-ray negative but an old granuloma (histoplasmosis is common around here)  Got retested, T Spot - results borderline.  No symptoms but I work in a psych hospital with  recent population that has a higher than typical chance of TB infection.   So ID doctor says it’s LTBI and put me on 4 months of rifampin prophylaxis

of course I know from nursing school about  the metabolites turning urine etc. orange.  My urine changed color within hours of taking the first dose; but so far no effect on my saliva, tears, teeth.  If you’ve taken rifampin or had patients taking this, how long does it usually take before the discoloration affects those things?  

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