Rhode Island Hospital

  1. I'm interviewing for a contracted position at Rhode Island Hospital in the ED.
    I know its a large level one, and one of the busiest ED's in the country, but I am wanting to know a little more than the web site can tell me.

    For example- being a level one, and busy I expect the place to be a bit zoo-ey but how zoo-ey is it?

    Any words of wisdom about the ED at RIH would be appreciated. I can also be submitted for a position at Kent, and Miriam, I think, but I want to be back at a Level One. Still with 103,000etc visits a year, that's one heck of a level one.

    So: If anyone can give me a heads up abotu this place, I'd really appreciate it.

    And no Helicopters? Who does the flying inNew England??

    Thanks All who can help...
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  3. by   KatieBell
    No One works here, or has worked here lately??? Help, my interview is about a day away.