Question about weather issues

  1. I'm here because I used to be an LPN and I know I can get good information from others here. I retired my license and am now working as an Activity Aide. I thought I'd be doing activities but all I do...for 12 sit in a room with 11 people, four of whom can become violent as they begin sundowning. (That's a whole other thread.)
    My question is, can the employer require someone in my position to stay other words..."No one is allowed to leave and call offs are not accepted" when there is a severe weather issue such as a blizzard. I know as a nurse, I couldn't leave if no one replaces you but patients go to bed at night. Why would an activities aide have to stay? Would like to know what you think.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I would not call the activities aid 'essential personnel' by any stretch.