1. The wording is a little off to me. Or maybe I'm just going crazy (that's it), but can someone please explain this to me?

    I got this from the FAQs page for the health science application. Does this mean I have to keep applying to the same campus and hoping I get in?

    Or does it mean one campus per application period? I'd like to apply in June for Knight Fall 2014. If I dont get in, I'd like to try in August for Lincoln's Spring 2015.

    [FONT=Gill Sans MT]"Once a decision has been rendered and you are not accepted into a Health Sciences program, you will need to reapply during the next open enrollment period. Also, upon receiving your performance-based health science application decision, you will not be allowed to switch to another campus for consideration."
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  3. by   nsongf
    It means that you can apply to only one campus per application period. So yeah apply in august, if you don't get in the you can still apply to one campus per app period