CCRI- Newport Fall 2010

  1. I am freaking out b/c my friend got her email yesterday for her acceptance into the evenning program. Does anyone know if they alert people in alphabetical order? i am hoping so!!!! I honestly feel i should get in as my grades were great (3.5gpa) and all my pre-reqs and teas are in. should i relax and give it some more time? any input is much aprreciated!
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  3. by   maia462001
    I got my acceptance email about the same time for this Fall, Newport. What were your teas and accuplacer scores? Did you have all your immunizations and cpr certification? I hear that helps. I'm sure you'll hear soon if you haven't already!!
  4. by   MissB96
    well, i got the letter that none of us want..... not sure what more I can do b/c my grades are there. Accuplacer test grades were good and TEAS were good (except for math on both, but passed).
    I am CPR certified and have all the immunizations (i need it for work), but they dont ask for that stuff until you are accepted.
    My plan is to apply again for August and I am hoping that works.
    Congrats to all that did get into the program, I wish you the best of luck!