2 year nurse transferring to RIC to complete 4 year

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am currently a student at CCRI and just got accepted into the nursing program. My plan is to transfer to RIC or URI to complete my BSN. Does anyone have any idea what the process is? Will I start nursing immediately at the 4 year or would I be placed on the waiting list?
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  3. by   John_T
    I think the process is ...you'll complete the nursing program at CCRI and graduate. Take NCLEX and become certified as a RN. Then you'll enter the RIC RN to BSN program. That program has its own requirements, so you won't take all the same courses as the regular BSN program. The details for RN to BSN are on the web site.
  4. by   nlcruz88
    Thank you so much. I wanted to make sure I wouldnt be waiting years to get into the program and get my BSN.
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    Similarly, URI's Online RN to BSN doesn't have a waiting list either. You can check it out here.

    I think CCRI students can actually apply and enroll before they take the NCLEX.