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Review websites anyone??

Ashmb_09 Ashmb_09 (New) New

I'm going to be starting the nursing program in about a month (whoohoooo!!) does anyone know of any good anatomy review sites or apps? Any advice would be appreciated!

Hey there Ashmb_09! This isn't necessarily a review website or app, but my pathophysiology teacher introduced us to a youtube channel which I think is rather amazing and would be of great help, however, it is rather graphic. It is human anatomy dissection video channel. If you want to check it out, feel free to visit https://www.youtube.com/user/jono03

If you decide to check out the videos I hope they help!

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My favorite youtube RN instructor is Andrew Wolf - YouTube just search for the topic you want.

his main focus is pathophysiology and he does not use boring slides. He digitally writes and draws everything and explains as he goes. I adopted his style in patho and got an A. He is very good for visual learners.

Thank you guys I'll check them both out!