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Review book for Adult Geri Primary Care Boards


I was wondering if anyone out there has a good review for the adult geri primary care boards? Most of the books I have come across are for the FNP boards. While I am sure their is some overlap I would like the most focused preparation I can find.


I used Fitzgerald review 2014 cds / book and Leik adult gero. They were both a great help in passing I just passed my my boards a couple of weeks ago and do not need them anymore.

lhflanurseNP, APRN

Specializes in Adult Nurse Practitioner.

I was recommended and AGS review. There are 3 books that make the review and are expensive, but you can join the AGS for free and get the books for nearly 1/2 price an have available on line as well (Geriatrics Review Syllabus 8th Edition)


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