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Returning to work after 2 years



I am a foreign educated Nurse with 8 years experience,who would like to start a career in USA after 2 years break from career.I would like to know how to begin? Will the hospitals recruit or Do i have to approach the placement agencies? What should I do to get employed in acute care settings? I am registered with NM board of Nursing,I live in AZ..Please guide me how and where to start??I am bit lost and confused...

Your help and guidance will be highly appreciable.Arizona Nurses please help me to know whether any of the hospitals accept NewGrad (since because I am returning back after 2 years gap) or is there any hospital that provide mentoring bridging program? I searched for REFRESHER program but none of the hospitals provide Refresher course only the community colleges provide in which we have to look for mentors..

Please help me