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Retired US Military Plans another BS Degree (Nursing) Using GI Bill

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Since some of the Philippines Universities are listed as authorized for the Post 911 GI Bill, I would like to know which universities in Manila will have the best accelerated nursing, pharmacy, or PT program as a secondary BS Degree. The post 911 GI Bill can only be used for another BS degree and not Masters and above:

Here's the tool to find authorized schools - http://department-of-veterans-affairs.github.io/gi-bill-comparison-tool/

I have contacted Ateneo, UST, UP, and De La Salle and would like to get feed back from this forum to relay to our fellow US Veterans/Retirees who are planning to use their educational benefits in the Philippines.

Also, some of the Veterans that were Philippine born are using 13G Visas instead of Dual since they don't want to be dual citizenship for their own reasoning.


I am researching for my son that will graduate from high school in June 2015 as an option to Universities in the states.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Seriously, you should know that there's virtually little to no demand any more for nurses from the PH.

Read in the CA nursing forum of how many recent nurses from the Phils are asking questions there, how many have gotten interviews, how many have gotten hired. The other 49 states are just as bad, with maybe TX as being an exception but that only means the competition from the other international nurses along with the US educated ones is not easy.

Click this article here and it tells the story the best: https://allnurses.com/international-nursing/end-phillipine-nursing-885162.html

Your son will be much better off getting educated anywhere in the States and you should take the time to read very carefully in the "Nurse Registration" tab of the disappointment and frustrations of the PH applicants and interested parties.

There's zero savings in terms of the cheaper cost of the PH education and little value to getting more acceptance into most PH top schools and in fact, none of the top PH schools are meeting the more current rules and regulations of the States.

But in particular, what school if in the States would your son be going to? What state does your son (or your thoughts as a parent) want to work and practice in?

Read the article I submitted above and see if it fits in your particular case.

My point: use your tuition assistance programs for a US school, that will be the wisest decision you'll make and with no regrets when compared to the PH educational route and in terms of going up against a US grad.

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