Will a Refresher Course help?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I graduated 2006 from the Philippines and the last hospital duty I had was March 2010.Migrated to USA 2011 started our little family and passed Nclex last october 2014.I applied and will be starting a refresher course at Bellevue College(Washington State) next week.It's a 4 months journey including theory/clinicals/preceptorship).I am excited,stressed(first time I'm leaving my toddler to daycare) and very much determined to jumpstart my nursing career.Has anyone tried and finished a Refresher?And did it help with your application?Thank you everyone!Godbless.
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  3. by   BambiBelle07
    It took me 6 months to find a job and I would have definitely taken a refresher course if it took any longer. Luckily my school gives grads the opportunity to come back for a refresher mod no matter how long it's been since they graduated. I think it will look really good on your resume. It will show you want to improve you skills. And when you get a job, you won't be rusty because everything will be fresh in your mind again.

    Congrats on starting a family!
  4. by   Mrsmay
    Thank you miss BambiBelle07!Still applying and hoping.I know the job for me is out there.I just need to persevere and be ghankful at the opportunities at the same time.What a great school you have!
  5. by   mina408
    Any updates on your situation Mrsmay?