RN reactivating LPN license

  1. Hi...I'm an RN who is in the process of reactivating my LPN license. I've decided to keep both licenses active, since some of the places I'd like to work for are only wanting to hire LPN's or MA's. Am I able to apply for an LPN position if my LPN credential number appears on the state board website, or do I have to wait for my actual license to arrive in the mail? The status says"PENDING", but I should be receiving my LPN license within the next 2 weeks.
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  3. by   Brazilian
    Hi Honda!
    When it says "pending" = you have to wait untill it clears up. I'm in the same situation, trying to get a endorsement in WA state. The place that is hiring me in WA said we have to wait untill the "pending" desapears and the license becomes active. But check with the Board of Nursing on your state. It's safer, ok?