returning to school/work after 2 years and looking for help refreshing my knowledge

  1. So here is my story... I graduated as an LPN in 2012, worked as an LPN in LTC and a clinic setting until 2015 when my 2nd child was born and have been staying at home ever since. I did return to school in 2013 and finished the first semester of my BSN program but it just didnt work out at the time as my first born was a toddler and the pressures of juggling work, first time parenting, and school were just too much at the time.

    I am now planning on returning to my BSN program starting in January 2018. The problem is that I feel totally unprepared to jump back into the school setting... I feel like I did not retain much of what I And am a little out of practice from staying home for two years now. So I am looking for some resources to help me get comfortable as a student nurse again. I am wanting more than just NCLEX practice questions. Was hoping to find some sort of refresher course that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Anybody have resources or suggestions for me? Or advice if you've found yourself in a similar situation?
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