Returning to ADN program after 3 yr break

  1. I got my LPN in Oct. 05 and have not worked since. I had my 4th child in Nov. 05 and my 5th in Dec. 06. I also have a 19, 16, and 10 year old. I've been a SAHM for obvious reasons but really want to get back to school. I am registered for classes in Aug. 08 to go back full time to the day program at my local community college. All my prereques are done. I just need to find daycare for my 1 and 2 year olds. Not an easy task. My question is-- am I crazy?! Will I be able to do this with 2 small children? I am a good student but I didn't have little kids last time. I'm just afraid if I wait too long to go back I will forget all I learned in LPN school. Especially since I've never worked as one. Also, I am almost 39 and I have a very supportive husband but he works long hours which limits how much he can help out. Sorry this is so long, but any input would be much appreciated!
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