Reinstating RN in MN after 16 years

  1. I am a Canadian trained nurse who took the NCLEX for MN back in 2000 and eventually worked a short while in IN.
    I went off on disability after moving back to Canada in 2001. I did not keep up my ontario, IN or MN licenses and regret it now as Ontario seems to want you to take the whole program after 5 years of not practicing.
    I am interested in taking a refresher online and reinstating in MN. I had hoped i could register elsewhere if i got that reinstated.
    I miss nursing terribly. It was my life since graduating at 17 as an RPN. I worked 10 years at that level then went back for my RN.
    I am wondering what experience anyone has had i a similar circumstance. Are there any Canadian nurses with similar experiences or input?
    I was looking at the university of Delaware online RN refresher.
    Another thing I had often thought of was working where i could utilize my nursing education and experience but bridge it into something else.
    Any input at all would be greatly appreciated!
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