Moving to Las Vegas and taking a break from Nursing

  1. Hey everyone! I have been an RN for two years in New York and New Jersey and I love it some days hate it others. Anyway, one of my main goals since I got into nursing was to be a travel nurse. I unfortunately have a past history of DUI and it poses a challenge to get licensed in some states. I have always wanted to live in Las Vegas atleast for a little while, so I am taking 4-6 months off with money I have saved and moving to Las Vegas. Does anybody have any suggestions if they have left nursing what I can do as a second career? without returning to school or having to apply for an RN license in a state that is difficult to license RNs it. I have been a bartender for 6 years so I'm going to look into doing that out there, but I don't want to leave healthcare completely or have my skills goes rusty..
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  3. by   Havin' A Party!
    Job hunting success is at least somewhat dependent on skills and experience. Only you can determine our strongest optuions.

    Good luck!