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Retaking hesi a2 please help

So its that time again, I have to retake my hesi. First time around I got a 76 in math. 86 in reading. 72 A&P 70 grammar. vocab 74. I know I did not do horrible;however, iam freaking out all over again. I looked at my remediation on evolve website and i cant believe some of the questions i got wrong. Ive been studying like crazy. any advice will help. Has anyone taken hesi twice? if so what was your experience? btw my retake date is nov 25.


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Don't feel bad about having to retake the HESI! My sister had over a 4.0 in high school and I know she took it at least twice- and she passed her NCLEX on the first try this summer and was recently hired into her first job! Your scores seem pretty high, so now that you've gotten one "practice" round around your belt, you'll likely sail through your next attempt. Good luck! :)

Hi when u retake ur test was some of the same question on the second test for the a&p. And was the reading comprehension the same story's?


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