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Resumption & Recert


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I've been in HH for slightly over a year but I've never had this come up. I have a pt who came home yesterday after an IP stay. I will need to do a resumption today, but their recert is due on Tuesday. Do I have to do both or does the resumption override the recert? Thanks in advance!

annaedRN, RN

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If within the 5 day window that the recert can be completed- you may do the recert as the ROC. Mine are usually the 6 or 7th day out :(

Super_RN, BSN, RN

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Thank you--you just saved me a TON of paperwork!

Yeah you can do the ROC and the recert if you are in day 56-60 of the cert period...but mine too usually stay in the hospital over their cert and I have to readmit...ugh...

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