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I have just started working on my resume with 1 yr experience. I was told to describe my current job by listing the skills I have acquired and am responsible for. Here is what I have so far. Any feedback regarding wording or organization would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

  • Provide family-centered care on # bed Pediatric step-down ICU.
  • Insert and maintain peripheral IVs
  • Access, de-access and perform sterile cap and dressing changes for PICC
  • Start, discontinue and titrate TPN and Lipids
  • Perform venipuncture, finger-stick, and heel-stick
  • Perform trach care for trach/vent patients
  • Deep- and oral- suction patients as needed
  • Manage patients on Nasal Cannula, Hi-Flow Nasal Cannula, BiPAP and CPAP
  • Administer subcutaneous and intramuscular medications
  • Collaborate with RT and medical team to wean respiratory support as appropriate
  • Straight catheterize and manage Foley catheters as indicated
  • Insert and maintain NGTs
  • Manage chest tubes
  • Document patient status and changes in EMR


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I think your list is way too long. You don't need to list every task that you do. A job description is not the same as a skills checklist.

All of the tasks listed in #2 through the rest of the list fall under #1. So just say #1 and then make a statement about the type of patients seen in that unit. If you want, you can attach a skills check list as a separate document and say something like, "See accompanying skills checklist" under #1 on your list.

Then ... since you took care of "direct patient care" in number #1, move on to #2. Do you do anything else other than provide direct patient care? For example: Do you mentor nursing students doing clinicals on your unit? Are you on a preceptor or charge nurse? Are you involved in any unit committees, etc.?

If you don't have anything to list other than #1, then you might break down that provision of direct patient care into 2 or 3 sections. For example, you can list "Provides complete physical care to patients in the xyz unit" as the first item on the list (See attached skills check list) .... and then list something like, "Provides for the needs of the patients family by blah, blah,"

Another way to handle the fact that you don't have anything to say other than the provision of direct patient care ... is to keep that as a main heading, but not number it or bullet it in any way. Then under that main heading of family-centered care, your #1 would mention the physical care ... #2 Would mention including families ... #3 Would mention patient-family education ... etc.



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"Providing family-centered care" is a very broad and sweeping statement.

HOW did you provide such care? How does providing such care look like in your practice? Maybe you sit down with the patient and their family and go over discharge instructions with them, and you advocate for an interpreter if needed? Maybe you take time to talk with the patient who is anxious before a procedure? If you've experienced a patient dying, how do you care for the family in the aftermath? Just some suggestions.

You have a lot of clinical skills listed, I would say make your list 50/50 - that is, 50% dry clinical information, 50% patient/family-focused and interprofessional-focused. It would make for a more interesting read.



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You may want to put your clinical skills in a separate "skills area" of your resume and just list them out (chest tube, trach care, heel sticks, ect). You want to keep those skills somewhere on there because when someone is searching for RN's you have a better chance to appear in search results if you have a specific skill listed. The portion below your title should list what you did in that role and use some accomplishment sentences.