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Resume updating as a NEW(er) nurse!

by Tele181036 Tele181036 (New) New

Has 2 years experience.

I am updating my resume and am curious the best way to make two med-surg jobs stand apart from each other?

The first one (my first job out of college) was a float nurse, I floated from medical- surgical- inpatient pysch- ICU stepdown and occasionall ICU. My current is on a med-surg floor, at a much more organized/more acute/ magnet hospital; I feel much more capable/ organized/ confident in my nursing ability.

My difficulty is making the two jobs stand apart on my resume where the nursing skills are essentially the same??

Just show that your skills have been strengthened ex a skill for the first med/surg position: -Responsible for performing head to toe assessments and then in the 2nd position you can touch on this again but rewrite it: Strengthened assessment skills and.. ( Responsible for completing preclinical for 1 to 2 specific patients VS. 2ND position: Able to successfully manage a full patient load)... I hope this helps :)