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Resume help?

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Hey there everyone!

I am FINALLY in my last semester of nursing school. The area I live in is desperate to hire new grads so they are opening job applications next week and we aren't even done with school yet until May!! It's exciting, but also nerve wrecking because I don't completely have my resume together yet. I have one that's put together, but I'm not sure if it's good enough as this is all new to me. Can you offer any advice on how to make a new grad, entry level RN resume? Here is what I have so far. Critiques are welcome and appreciated. 


Thank you! 

Resume 2.docx

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Your resume has no work experience. Committees and belonging to organizations are nice, but they are more interested in your track record as an employee (even if it is 3yrs at Mc Donalds).  

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