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I am revising my resume to reflect my travel assignments. I am applying for a regular, full time position with the VA. I have found different views on the internet regarding listing each individual assignment vs listing the agency first and the hospitals (with assignment dates) underneath the agency. Also, i have worked strictly ER for the past 10 years. So the "job duties" are going to be repetitive. Any advice?

If it was me, I would list each hospital on one line with dates of employment. I have 20 years of assignments listed on one page, 10 years should be a snap. I would not list the agency. They are simply a conduit for money, they don't provide the workplace, the patients, manage your work, or supply work evaluations or references. Put yourself in a manager's position, would they care about the agencies you have worked through, or the hospitals?

That said, you will have to fill out an application, either paper or online. Either the application, or HR may insist on who you got the check from. But in my opinion, agencies don't belong on resumes. Secondarily, they take up a lot of space!


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