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Resume Feedback PLEASE

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blessedNhopeful has 1 years experience .

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Would really appreciate some feedback on my resume. I am a new grad looking for my first job and would like to apply to one that I've found and love. I've looked all over the internet and even in this forum on different layouts, templates, what is needed and not needed. It varies so much. I feel like my Summary may be too long and I'm not even sure if this layout is ok. Because this is a career change and I didn't want my resume to be too long I didn't write anything under previous job experience since it wasn't health related. Most of it is IT related. Please help.






Highly motivated and compassionate Marine Corps veteran and recent nursing graduate. Eager to support and contribute to nursing team and hospital staff on the Labor and Delivery unit at really cool hospital. Excellent interpersonal communication skills, with the ability to educate patients and families as well as offer comfort while acknowledging and respecting cultural diversity. Proficient in developing adequate nursing care plan while implementing effective care and interventions in order to deliver safe, patient centered care.


Maryland State Nursing License Expires April 2020

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers Certification Expires January 2020


Best school ever, City, State Graduation: May 2017

Bachelor of Science in Nursing GPA: 3.58/4.0

Community College, City, State Graduation: May 2015

Associate of Science GPA: 3.9/4.0


Clinical sites with highly relevant patient experiences:

Nice Hospital- Labor & Delivery Senior Practicum: Spring 2017

  • Cared for multiple patients in labor with uncomplicated deliveries.
  • Assisted Registered Nurse with patient care on a unit with 24 labor rooms, 5 triage rooms and 3 OR rooms with recovery.
  • Maintained accurate, detailed reports and records.
  • Modified patient treatment plans as indicated by patients' responses and conditions.
  • Administered prescribed medications and monitored vital signs.
  • Assessed and recorded patient vital signs to determine patient and/or unborn child state of health while monitoring fetal heart rate to ascertain potential problems.
  • Performed fetal and newborn assessments and administered prescribed medications to neonate upon delivery.

A different hospital- Obstetrics: Fall 2016

  • Provided care for women and neonates on postpartum, labor and delivery, and nursery step down units.
  • Assumed care for neonates in step down nursery to assist in the care of newborns experiencing NAS symptoms, requiring tube feedings, and med administration.
  • Assisted Registered Nurse with patient care during inductions and cesarean deliveries.

Additional Clinical Practice:

Listing of all other clinical rotation sites

  • Educated patients and families.
  • Calculate and administer medications to patients
  • Maintained sterile field during dressing changes
  • Maintain patient charts and confidentiality
  • Developed and implemented treatment plans for patients with broad range of mental health issues
  • Documented observations of patient's behavior and status to the administered
  • Provided therapeutic interactions with patient to assist them in identifying sources of anxiety.


Name PHOTOGRAPHY, City, State June 2010-October 2012


Job 2 October 2009- April 2010

Lab Assistant/Writer

Job 3 May 2008- March 2009

TRID Predict and Prevent Administrative Operations Analyst

Job 4 January 2007- May 2008

Help Desk Professional

Job 5 August 2006- Jan 2007

Help Desk Professional


Data Network Specialist


Volunteer Medical Worker for OmniMed in Mukono, Uganda 2017

  • Worked alongside local community health workers, health providers and faculty in rural clinics and schools providing basic primary health services and health education programs.

Volunteer Facilitator for Envision: New Young Leaders Forum 2016

  • Facilitated with hosting a group of 300 high school students from around the country and educating them about healthcare and various roles of registered nurses.

Volunteer Photographer for Now I lay Me Down To Sleep-Non Profit 2011-2012

  • Assisted with helping families soften their pain by creating photographic memories of their baby with heirloom like photography.

Student Nurses Association 2016-2017

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society 2015

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calliope26 has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med Surg, Hospice, Wound Care.

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Because you are not licensed yet, I think you should remove the section on "Clinical Practice." All nursing students do clinical rotations, so that's expected as part of your education, but it is not independent practice. Most resumes are read in 10 seconds or less, so stick to a one page format. Keep your statement at the top brief, and leave some of that wording for your cover letter. I had the same issue when starting, but remember, nurse managers hiring new grads are looking for a clean format, and NO grammar or punctuation or spelling errors. Proof read carefully, or have a trusted friend or instructor do it for you. Managers are not looking at your nursing experience because you have none. Prior work experience is great if it ties in somehow--if you worked in healthcare or in a job where skills transferred, such as customer service or time management. Highlight those skills, and play up your military experience--it is a real asset when applying because of the discipline of being in the military. Don't forget any honors or awards you have earned. When I was graduating, I googled new grad nursing resumes and looked at them until I found one that worked for me, then pulled the best elements from it to make a one page resume. Hope this helps and best of luck to you!

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NICUorbust has 1 years experience.

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I'm in the same resume boat at the moment, so i'm not much help probably. Just wanted to say that I jumped from photography (now stress-relief) to Nursing, and volunteered with NILMDTS too! Good luck!

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blessedNhopeful has 1 years experience.

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Get out! Thats so awesome! I've applied to a few places so hopefully it works. Good luck to you too!

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TriciaJ has 39 years experience as a RN and specializes in Psych, Corrections, Med-Surg, Ambulatory.

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Please be careful to avoid Schoolgirlspeak. "Really cool hospital" - take that out. You might also skip describing yourself as motivated and compassionate. I have no doubt you are those things, but managers tend to write that off as excess verbiage. I agree with PP that you should take out your clinical experience because it will not be counted as nursing experience. Probably should leave off your GPA as well.

If the hospital has advertised an L&D internship, or willingness to hire a new grad onto L&D, then by all means state in your cover letter that you are interested in that position. You can mention that you particularly enjoyed your L&D clinical experience. Otherwise, I'd avoid naming any specific unit. Your goal is to get a foot in the door and start acquiring whatever experience you can. Try not to give the impression that you are not flexible or that you're going to be applying for transfers before you're even off orientation.

I agree that you should play up your military experience, also your help desk experience. Being especially computer-savvy will make you a good resource on any unit.

Good luck.

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