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Resume critique for someone who made a career change and will be a new grad?


Hi there,

If anyone is willing to help, I would appreciate a look at my resume. I've seen and read a lot on here regarding resumes, and I had it in a good enough place to get hired as a student nurse. However, now that I've added more clinical experience I'm concerned with it.

I know there are many opinions on including unrelated experience so I took one HR individuals advice, a year ago, and it included it on a separate page. However, I am now wondering if there is a better way to include it that isn't so lengthy? It was valuable corporate experience but I don't want people to get bogged down by it because it varied so greatly.

If you feel like taking a quick look, please message me or give me your email and I will email it to you :)

Thanks in advance

I would suggest you keep your resume only 1 page long and your cover letter 3 short paragraphs long. I would look through your job responsibilities at your previous employers and ask your self is this something that could in some way apply as far as qualities you posses as a result that can useful to the type of job your looking for.